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Why CFD Trading?

For many private investors, online CFD trading is much more attractive than the conventional securities trading with stocks, commodities or precious metals. The CFD broker FCI Markets. exclusively offers you the following advantages:

Low margins:

The initial investment, which is needed to open up a position in online CFD trading, is considerably lower than at common stock trading. The reason for this is our small margin, meaning the percentage of total trade value required as a basic investment to execute your order. FCI Markets, as an established CFD broker, offers you the free choice to select your individual margin for each position. For example: with a margin of 5% and a total trade value of 1.000 US Dollars, you only have to deposit 50 US Dollars, but still participate in the changes exactly reflected in the valuation of the base value as if you had paid the full amount.

Benefit from rising and falling markets

Your gain or loss is only determined by the difference between purchase and selling price, therefore your chances of earning money with online CFD trading are constant regardless of the economic market conditions. Even in times of a crisis with high volatility you will still be able make profit with falling prices (go short).

Flexible trading hours

As a CFD Broker, FCI Markets features its own data center, which is supplied with stock prices in real time around the clock by three different providers. From Sunday to Friday evening, when the stock markets close in the U.S., you can operate online CFD trading and are therefore guaranteed the best possible entry prices and sales opportunities.

Access to all relevant markets

German Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange or Hong Kong Stock Exchange: Online CFD trading with FCI Markets as your CFD broker is possible on almost all major and minor trading centers in the world. You can execute domestic and international transactions with a single account, both in established markets as well as in the emerging markets.

Hedge gains and losses

With so-called Stop-Loss or Take-Profit-Orders you can effectively hedge your positions in online CFD trading to limit your risk. Through automated transactions, open positions will be closed by your CFD broker exactly at your individually assigned rate. You will not miss an opportunity to realize your trading profits.