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Why Online Trading with Forex?

There are many reasons in favor of online trading in the forex market. Convince yourself of the benefits offered by the FCI Markets Inc.:

Superior returns with minimal investments

Private investors looking for the highest return opportunities have to get involved with the extremely liquid forex market today. There is just a small initial investment needed to directly participate in the market and to actively trade high volumes with little capital.

Leverage of 1:200

This is due to the leverage effects, which are available in forex trading. FCI Markets offers online trading in a variety of leverages with a maximum of 1:200. You can potentially achieve up to 200% profit on your deposit with a marginal 1% move in the market - and this in a very short time.

Faster success than with stocks

Investors, who choose to trade in the forex market and conscientiously make themselves familiar with the topic, can earn profits much faster and more flexible with foreign exchanges than with stocks and that with an equal investment. This derives from the fact that the speculation period for online trading is significantly lower than for conventional exchange transactions. Positions are usually opened and closed within a day, sometimes even in a few minutes or seconds.

Independence from other markets

Whether boom or recession, regardless of how the international financial markets develop, your chances of making money in the forex market are constantly high, as you can open positions on both rising and falling prices. This major advantage in comparison to stocks ensures that you will be continuously able to make profits with online trading even in negative economic times.

Hedges of gains and losses

With so-called Stop-Loss or Take-Profit-Orders you can easily hedge your gains and losses directly without dealer intervention. The computer will automatically close your open position at your individually assigned rate, in order to secure your profit or to limit a potential loss. You do not have to direct your full attention to monitoring the forex market all day, but can focus on other activities with a free conscience the computer will back up your positions electronically.

Best trading conditions

FCI Markets Inc. offers you the ideal conditions for online trading in the forex market. The spread (the difference between the buying and selling prices), for example, is only 2 pip in EUR / USD in order to guarantee the best possible return.

No special qualification necessary

Even newcomers have the chance to achieve substantial gains in online trading, if they invest enough time and work intensely with the matter. Regardless of time and place everyone can be a part-time or even full-time forex trader in the forex market - and that comfortably from home.

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