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White Label Partners

FCI Markets a white label partnership solution designed to enable brokers, money managers and financial institutions expand their business with FCI Markets online trading solutions. Becoming a white label partner, you can offer your clients our state of the art multi-asset class trading platforms under your own brand name and management. As a white label partner you would have the leverage of utilizing our trading platforms, services, online marketing, customer support, risk management capabilities and much more. With more than two decades of trading experience, white label partners would not only benefit from FCI Markets expertise but also the infrastructure that it has developed since 1999.

White Label Partner Opportunities

FCI Markets already has numerous white label partners, ranging from small brokers to large financial institutions. With services designed to meet individual client requirements and dedicated back office and risk management tools, our partners have successfully found a solution through FCI Markets, while enhancing their profit levels at the same time.

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a white label partner.

  • A robust and reliable trading platform that you can use under your own brand name
  • Access to great product depth and liquidity, aided with market information and research
  • Customization of platforms, products and services to meet individual partner needs
  • Technology to aid further growth in the market (market analysis tools, expert advice etc.)
  • Risk free trading platforms that enable our partners to connect to financial markets at lower costs, supported with sophisticated back office infrastructure
  • Front office and risk management tools and dedicated support to grow your business exponentially
  • Marketing support, performance dashboards and ready-to-use marketing campaigns

The biggest advantage of white label partnership is that it can expands the horizons of your business in a cost effective and low risk manner.

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